Mayor Survey Question 4

Do you think property taxes are too high, too low, or just about right?

Brad Magee:

Right now I feel that our taxes do not represent our current state of economy. In a time when people are struggling the most, our city has decided to make no changes to our tax system. Property values have declined, while property taxes stayed the same as last year.


Ken Johnston:

Another great question. It's all about value for taxes and a fair return for our money. I would say given the scope of services and the challenges I spoke of in question 3, we are just right.


Buck Buchanan:

Property Taxes are virtually the only form of income the City has and I believe this is not sustainable especially when other forms of Government are downloading their responsibilities. We presently receive 10 cents of the tax dollar and supply 60% of the infrastructure this cannot continue, we need to either get a larger piece of the taxation or get a smaller piece of the infrastructure.

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