Mayor Survey Question 5

Over the next four years, should the City spend less in absolute terms, increase spending but by less than the rate of inflation and population growth, increase by the rate of inflation and population growth, or increase faster than the rate of inflation and population growth?

Brad Magee:

I don’t believe we have a strong enough tax base currently to increase our spending, especially since we are so close to our current debt cap. We need to stop certain projects that are not a need for the city, and invest into our current infrastructure to help boost our own local economy.


Ken Johnston:

This is difficult to answer from the perspective that the rate of inflation defined in the CPI is not the same rate as the Municipality faces. For example the cost of concrete, lumber and steel. And if a project is being built for a future need or to attract development that has a spending impact. the best measure is what hits you in the wallet. Is the City finding ways to cut expenses while continuing to invest in it's core business of streets, water, utilities and amenities.


Buck Buchanan:

I think the City has to look a doing business differently, in my opinion we have a difficult time at looking at doing things differently. Presently in my opinion we seem to believe our capacity is dependent on human resourcing, the pandemic to a degree has forced some changes in that area and I dont think our overall Service level has dropped. If we did do things differently we may decrease our spending, without compromising services.

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