Mayor Survey Question 9

The City has an ongoing feud with the provincial government over the centralization of EMS dispatch? Do you believe the City is right to object and how would you propose to resolve this issue?

Brad Magee:

Absolutely!! After watching a fire truck and ambulance do three circles around the downtown core yesterday we need the dispatch back in the central zone. I would ask for the stats on the wait time since the change to show the difference since this change. I would take that information to our provincial government to prove that it doesn’t work. These wait times can mean the difference between life and death.


Ken Johnston:

Simply put, lives are at stake, yours and mine under a centralized dispatch. It is such a vital issue that our City has even offered to pay for the retention. More and more Alberta towns are discovering the centralized model is inferior. I would stay on top of this file and continue to partner with Calgary, Lethbridge and Wood Buffalo as well as many other towns to get it back. This service will return to us . I just hope it isn't a result of an unneeded death or deaths.


Buck Buchanan:

Yes - I think this is a Service Level Issue and I think we want to do the best we can for the Citizens we Service, right now I don't think this is the case and in a situation where seconds count I think it is paramount that you get the Service to that location as quickly as you can. The system that was in place provided that response where the new system does not have that local knowledge. Right now a Task Force created by the Province is studying this situation but my concern is that the people at the table are being muzzled with their concerns not sure how you resolve that situation within the Provincial Government.

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