Red Deer Minute: Canada Day, Stage Three, and Housing Shelter Debate Continues

Red Deer Minute: Canada Day, Stage Three, and Housing Shelter Debate Continues


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This Week In Red Deer:

  • Thursday is Canada Day and also the start of Stage 3 of the Province's reopening plan. We still don't know exactly what the rules will look like in Stage 3, but we've repeatedly been told that "almost all" rules will be repealed, so we're looking forward to it!

  • Meanwhile, whether it's Canada Day, Stage 3, or just the great weather, it looks like Council has taken the opportunity to take the week off, with no Council or Committee meetings scheduled at all this week. Council will be back July 5th.

  • Speaking of Canada Day, while for the second year in a row there will not be any Canada Day Celebration at Bower Ponds, the fireworks will be going ahead. Details are available here.


Last Week In Red Deer:

  • The temporary homeless shelter debate continues as Council says the shelter must relocate by September 30th, despite having not secured a new location. This has the potential to seriously displace the homeless and further exacerbate the problem in the downtown core. It will be interesting to see what solutions the City can come up with considering the clock is ticking and it appears they are nowhere to be found so far.

  • City Council and taxpayers took the plunge, both literally and figuratively, with the City selecting the Michener North site for a future multi-use aquatic centre. Don't get too excited though, the project still isn't even in the City's 10-year capital plan.

  • On National Indigenous Peoples Day, Council committed $730,000 to the Red Deer Native Friendship Society. The decision comes after nine years of work by a joint steering committee that is focused on the Asooahum Crossing project which, amongst other things, will provide affordable housing.



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