Red Deer Minute: Election Day, Referendum Day, and How To Vote

Red Deer Minute: Election Day, Referendum Day, and How To Vote


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This Week In Red Deer:

  • It’s finally municipal election day! Here in Red Deer, you can vote from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at your polling station. Don’t know where to vote? You can find your local voting location here, but Red Deer also has a “vote anywhere” system, meaning you can show up at any of the voting locations.

  • To help you decide on how to vote, check out the Mayor and Councillor survey pages on our website, where a whole bunch of candidates have responded to our detailed policy questions. A very hearty thank you to all those candidates who took the time to fill out the survey!

  • Finally, when you go to vote you will also be given a provincial ballot with questions about Equalization, Daylight Savings Time, and the provincial Senate election. Our friends at Project Confederation have done a great job summarizing the Equalization debateYou’re not required to mark your municipal ballot for your provincial votes to count, and vice versa.


Last Week In Red Deer:

  • After holding three In Camera meetings on the subject, an independent third-party report into the second code of conduct violation against a City Council member wasn’t accepted by Council. Council deemed the report "insubstantial" but, apparently, taxpayers are still on the hook for the $20,000+ cost of the report.

  • A major structure fire broke out at the Empire Building early last week causing several businesses to be damaged. Sections around 48 Street and 49 Avenue were closed for part of the day but, thankfully, no injuries were reported. Investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of the fire.

  • Many residents witnessed the best of mother nature last week, when a spectacular northern lights show engulfed Red Deer and the surrounding area. Were you able to get a good picture?



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