Red Deer Minute: Land Annexation, Creek Stabilization, and a Shelter Public Hearing

Red Deer Minute: Land Annexation, Creek Stabilization, and a Shelter Public Hearing


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This Week In Red Deer:

  • On Monday, at 10:30 am, there will be a regular meeting of City Council. The meeting begins with an in-camera session, during which Council will discuss an update on the permanent shelter, a tax cancellation request, and an Integrity Commissioner Report. Once the meeting opens up to the public, Council will be briefed on the budget of the Downtown Business Association and receive a Quarterly Community Policing Report. There are two public hearings during the latter half of the Council meeting. The first is regarding the rezoning of a space designated as a park in Eastview into multifamily housing. The second is regarding the temporary homeless shelter at Cannery Row. The zoning for the temporary shelter is set to expire in February 2024, but it doesn’t appear that we’re any closer to having a permanent shelter. Residents will have the opportunity to weigh in on an extension for the Cannery Row location.

  • On Tuesday, at 5:00 pm, the Red Deer & District Family & Community Support Services Board will meet. The Board will receive the FCSS Program Specialist Report before heading into a closed meeting to discuss a Financial Projection Report.

  • The Province is seeking feedback regarding the Municipal Government Act. Specifically, on training requirements for City Councillors, whether or not Council should be able to meet in private, what things they can discuss while in-camera, and the recall thresholds for elected officials. We’ve long said that the process for recalling the Mayor or sitting Councillors is arduous and unlikely to ever result in being able to actually succeed. Our friends at the Alberta Institute have plenty of information available on the issues with recall legislation as it is currently written. We would encourage you to fill out the Province’s survey and advocate for lowering the thresholds (ie. making it easier) to recall an elected official. The survey can be accessed here, but please fill it out soon as it closes on December 6th.


Last Week In Red Deer:

  • Local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) dispatch was restored to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and Red Deer is hoping the City will soon see its own dispatch follow. Red Deer's ambulance dispatch was relocated to Calgary in January 2021, leading to concerns about diminished service and response times. Despite Red Deer City Council offering to cover the $1.2 million annual cost of the local dispatch center, the Province has yet to reconsider. The decision to reinstate ambulance dispatch in Wood Buffalo sparked optimism in Red Deer, prompting discussions with Alberta Health Service. Red Deer intends to participate in a new EMS standing committee to provide feedback and recommendations for improving the service.

  • A creek stabilization project costing $4.5 million got underway in Red Deer, focusing on seven locations where Waskasoo Creek has eroded its banks. The project, expected to continue until early summer 2024, aims to prevent erosion that could impact roadways, bridges, and trails. The creek's natural shifting course has led to the need for stabilization work to protect infrastructure and prevent potential erosion-related issues. Trucks will bring in riprap, a rock material, to secure the creek's edges, and additional measures like "soil wraps," plantings, and larger field stones will be added for further protection and aesthetics. The project will adhere to fisheries regulations, with work periods ceasing from April to June to protect fish spawning. Traffic may be affected, and detour signs are in place as a walking path in the area is closed during the project.

  • On Friday, the Province approved the City’s annexation of 533 acres of Red Deer County land directly northwest of the City of Red Deer, just across Highway 2, near Bluegrass nursery. The County and the City both agreed to the annexation early this year. The area will become a commercial complex and the City will prepare area structure plans for approval.




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